If your enquiry does not fall within the areas of the law that we cover, you can call us to see if we can refer you to another organisation/solicitor, Please call 01452 423492 and press the admin line.

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  • Housing: At present we are unable to taking on any new housing cases, please contact Wiltshire Law Centre on 01793 486 926 who are covering for us in the meantime.

    We advise on a broad range of Housing matters on behalf of private and social tenants including: possession proceedings, evictions, homelessness, disrepair (ONLY where there is a risk of harm or safety) and tenants who are accused of anti-social behaviour. Since 1st April 2013, we are not able to advise on allocations, transfers and victims of neighbour nuisance.We have a Housing drop in every Wednesday from 10am to 12 noon. Please bring proof of your income for the previous month including wage slips (if applicable ) and proof of all benefits, as well as any relevant paperwork.

    We are not able to advise on mortgage issues.

    We also run the Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme on a Monday in Gloucester and alternate Tuesdays in Cheltenham. We can advise people before they go into Court for a possession hearing. This service is also available to people with a mortgage.

    Otherwise, Tel: 01452 423492 and press the option for Housing.

    We are not able to advise landlords.

  • Case Study:

    Mr A had lived with his family in a rented property for 2 years when his Housing Benefit came up for review. He experienced difficulty in securing evidence from his employer. As a consequence, his Housing Benefit was cancelled and his landlord began to harass him for his rent, phoning him at all hours of the day and using threatening and abusive language.

    This escalated to a brick being thrown through the window terrifying the family. A few days later Mr A was then phoned at work by his wife to say that they had been locked out of the house. We contacted the landlord explaining the illegality of his actions and the potential consequences of his actions should he not let the tenant and his family back into the property immediately.

    With no response from the landlord we sought alternative accommodation for the client, meanwhile securing legal aid to obtain an injunction from the County Court to compel the landlord to let Mr A and his family back into the property. Mr A and family were restored to the property and the Court awarded damages and costs to him in order to compensate him for the landlord’s behaviour.






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