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Welfare Benefits (Appeals for Gloucester City residents)


  • Welfare Benefits: Currently we are unable to provide benefits advice. For Gloucester City residents please contact North & West Gloucestershire Citizens Advice on 0808 189 6280, If you are a Gloucester City Homes tenants ONLY they are provide benefits advice please contact them on 01452 424 344.
  • Case Study: In February we took instructions from Ms A who had received a decision from the City Council to say that she was not entitled to Housing Benefit because her tenancy was supposedly not on a commercial basis. To make matters worse, Ms A was advised by the Council that information had come to light which meant that she would have to repay benefit of £34,000 which she had been receiving for the past 6 years. We represented her at a successful appeal to a Social Security Appeal Tribunal, which decided that the tenancy was a genuine commercial one and that it had been all along. Her Housing Benefit of £430 per month was re-instated and it was decided that the £34,000 had not been overpaid and was not recoverable from her.





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