If your enquiry does not fall within the areas of the law that we cover, you can call us to see if we can refer you to another organisation/solicitor, Please call 01452 423492 and press the admin line.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I just drop into the Law Centre?

We offer advice by appointment and at our housing drop-in session. Phone us on 01452 423492 or see the Contact page for more details. You can drop in to make an appointment or for details, but we will not be able to see you immediately by dropping in for advice. Please note we are closed between 12-1pm.

If you are a current client and want to see your caseworker, please phone to make an appointment. Please do not just drop in, as the caseworker will probably not be able to see you.

If the Law Centre is not able to help we should be able to signpost them to someone who can or make an appointment with another agency.

I only need a quick piece of advice. Can you help me?

We use the same system for all people who need advice. You may think that you only need a quick piece of advice but this will still need a specialist adviser to speak to you and it may be more complicated than you think. If you need to speak to someone immediately our reception worker may be able to give you contact details for other organisations who might be able to help more quickly.

Do you provide interpreters?

If you qualify for free legal advice we will be able to arrange and pay for an interpreter.

If you do not qualify for free legal advice or the legal aid has been withdrawn for the area of law e.g. Benefits,  you will need to bring an interpreter with you for any appointment. We need to make an assessment to see if you qualify for free advice so we will ask you questions about your income and circumstances.

When you contact the Law Centre for the first time please arrange for someone to be available who speaks English to help us make arrangements with you.

Do I have to be receiving benefits to get advice from you?

We prioritise advice to people on very low incomes or on benefits. If we are not able to advise you we may be able to give you contact details for other organisations who might be able to help.

Can you still advise me if I don’t live in Gloucester?

Gloucester Law Centre predominantly assists those who live in Gloucester but we may be able to take on your case if you live elsewhere. For details, please visit the Advice pages here.

How confidential is your service?

All workers, paid and unpaid, are aware of the strict duty of confidentiality to all people who are advised and assisted by the Law Centre. Confidentiality applies to every item of information concerning clients.

Workers do not disclose to a third party any information relating to any client or user of the Law Centre, unless there is express consent by the client/user to do so. This includes third parties within the Law Centre unless it is a professional conversation about the work. Breach of this condition of confidentiality may amount to professional misconduct.

Why do you only offer advice about some things?

Gloucester Law Centre is funded by Gloucester City Council, the Legal Aid Agency and Gloucester City Homes to give specialist advice on immigration and asylum, welfare benefits, housing and family issues.

We have many clients who need help in these areas of law and sometimes we are so busy we cannot take on new clients. If we want to do work in other areas of law we will need to raise funding from somewhere else to do this.

We hope to be able to do this in the future but at the moment we can give you contact details for, or maybe make an appointment with, other organisations that should be able to help.

Can I do my work experience placement at the Law Centre?

Supporting someone to do work experience or a placement at the Law Centre takes a lot of time and organisation from our staff. As a charity we have limited resources and we do not think that it is the best use of these to support students in this way.

We often have volunteering opportunities available for those who are able to offer a much longer commitment, please see our volunteering page.

We are interested in people who can spare the time to become a member of our board of trustees. Please contact the Law Centre if this would interest you.





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